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Why John Knox?

What is a Continuing Care Community and what does Lifecare mean?

John Knox is a Continuing Care Retirement Community (often referred to as a CCRC), one of only a few in Tampa.  This means is that in one location (our beautiful 14 acre campus), we offer our residents the ability to live in an independent living residence and then transition to assisted living and/or full long-term nursing care as their needs for care increase.  To guarantee future placement in our assisted living or long-term care, the resident needs to enter John Knox as an independent living resident and must have qualified for and purchased the extensive benefit plan also commonly referred to as “Lifecare”.

Not all CCRCs or Retirement Communities are Equal- Why John Knox?

Financial strength and longevity of the community must be a consideration when choosing a Lifecare plan. St. Joseph's John Knox has been home to retirees for over 40 years.  We are owned by the most stable and well-renowned hospital system in the Tampa Bay area - St. Joseph’s Hospitals, and part the BayCare Health System.  This system operates a joint operating agreement which also includes Morton Plant Mease, South Florida Baptist, St. Anthony’s and Winter Haven Hospitals and is continuing to grow.  This organization has the financial means to assure that the investment in your care will be there now and in the future.  St. Joseph's John Knox is governed under the FL Statute 651, which is under the Office of Insurance Regulation.

Independent Living Choices

Potential independent residents have several options: 

a.) Rent/Lease (no guarantee of future placement in assisted or skilled nursing)

b.) “Extensive Benefit Program” commonly referred to as Lifecare. 

Whether you rent (lease) or purchase the extensive benefit plan, the amenities (food, utilities, activities, services) and residence remain the same. 

Understanding Extensive Benefit/Lifecare

The Extensive Benefit plan offers you security and a guarantee of lifetime care and placement in the future as your need for care increases to assisted living or skilled nursing.  You stay on our campus where the staff knows you and where you are comfortable.  In order to join this plan, you must qualify physically and mentally for independent living and also financially since we are committing to your care for life.

How it works

Just like with the leasing program, you pay a monthly fee for your residence.  However, this fee is discounted vs. leasing.  Based on the size of the residence you choose, you pay a program fee to be a member of the Extensive Benefit (Lifecare) program.  There are several payment/investment options available for the extensive benefit plan.  A larger upfront investment guarantees a larger refund of the investment to the resident or remaining estate when they leave us.

Example only (prices subject to change):

Extensive Benefit Program (Lifecare)




Plus Monthly Fee*

Apt Size



Monthly Service Fee/(Rent)

1 Bedroom Unit





*If you choose to rent/lease only, your monthly fee would be $2,100 with no discounts on or guarantee for future placement or care in assisted living or long-term care.

Standard Refund Option:

You'll get a refund equal to the amount of the Standard Plan Entrance Fee, less two percent (2%) for each month of residence for up to 48 months, and less a four percent (4%) administrative charge.  So in other words, if you live here for 4 years the Standard Refund is depleted and should you choose to leave John Knox no refund would be available to you or your estate.  You would still, of course,  be a member of the Extensive Benefit Plan and enjoy the security of future care and would not require an additional investment.
* You do receive discounts on future care-see below

50% Refund Option:

Regardless of how long you stay at John Knox, you or your estate would be guaranteed a 50% refund of the initial investment.  So in the example above, you would receive no less than $53,500.  The remaining 50% is prorated over the initial 23 month period and includes a 4% administrative fee.  You will receive discounts on future care as well as guaranteed placement.

Other Important Advantages of becoming member of the Extensive Benefit Program

In addition to Lifetime Care, as the level of care increases from independent to assisted living, so does the expense since we provide 24 hour care in assisted living and Long-term nursing.  As a member of the extensive benefit program, you will receive:

*20% discount on Assisted Living rates

*15% discount on Long-term Care rates

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