Volunteer Opportunities, Meant for Your Talents

Volunteers are the heart of John Knox. Residents donate their time to better the community, everywhere from the Flea Market to the gift nooks to the library to the country stores – even serving as mentors and visitors for other residents. Volunteers help our office and nursing staff, giving them more time to focus on patients. They also get involved in good works outside our community, helping local hospitals and charitable organizations. We have a host of ways you can share the fun, the camaraderie and the sense of achievement that comes from giving to others. It’s that spirit that has kept John Knox vibrant for so many years.

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Knox Facts: People from outside our community come here to volunteer! They include interns from our medical partner, St. Joseph’s Hospital, who help make our community’s health care even more responsive.

Give Your Talent from Your Heart

If you are a person who likes to give back, which, by the way, makes you very much like your neighbors here, you will find rewarding ways to do important work with the residents who have made St. Joseph’s John Knox their home.

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