"Why John Knox is Meant for Us"

Our Residents are our #1 sales force. They come from all over, from all backgrounds and denominations. However, they speak with one voice when raving about our way of life:

"As soon as we came here, we felt the difference. And I've heard a lot of people tell me this, not only myself. There's a feeling at John Knox of love and friendliness. Everybody smiles..." C.F.
"It's important that people not wait too long to make this move because you should do it while you are still healthy and can make your decisions and have your apartment customized. Make an easy transition from your house to your new dwelling without all the tension of being sick. With one partner really sick, the other partner has to do the whole thing on their own and make a crisis decision when something's happened. Just do it when you're healthy. Then, you fit in, you make new friends, you get active in the activities!" G. and J. C.
“This was the greatest gift I could have given my children.  They don’t have to worry about my finances or the my healthcare needs for the future.” “As a Marine veteran, it is wonderful to be so close to the VA hospital.  And, the transportation department at John Knox provides me with a ride for every appointment!”
“My children and grandchildren love to visit me because they love to use all the amenities at John Knox. My grandson loves the pool and my son enjoys the new putting green.”
"In the ten years that I have been here, I have loved every minute of it, and now ten years later, I love every inch of it!" Dr. M. H.
"With the staff that's here, they are very caring. Be it from the area of housekeeping right on to those who are part of the dining room, the people that serve us, everyone here, the staff and administration...everybody looks out for us!"  C.A. 
“We love our new apartment home!  John Knox allowed us to customize our apartment with choices of carpet and paint and even window treatments that suit our personal style.  We are just so happy here in our new home.”
"I've been here ten years...ten wonderful years. What do I like about John Knox? The people, the friends, all the activities we do and the nice surroundings! Wonderful!"  R.V.

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