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Should we carry insurance on our household goods?

We recommend residents carry insurance on their personal possessions and furnishings.

As a John Knox resident, may I continue to use my personal physician?

Yes, we recommend residents have their own personal physicians who are familiar with their medical records.

May I bring my pet with me to John Knox?

Yes, with prior approval. We charge a one-time pet fee.

Do apartments have any additional storage space?

Storage space is limited. Check with move-in coordinator.

Does John Knox have any areas where I could have a garden?

Yes, our 14 acre campus gives you plenty of gardening space.

Could I have guests stay with me in my apartment for a few days? Is there a charge?

There is no charge for short term guest stays in your home. If you prefer, we also have furnished guest apartments available at a low daily rate.

If I want to change apartments at some point, is that possible?

Yes, you may elect to move to a larger or smaller apartment. It will be based on availability and your fees would be appropriately adjusted.

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